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Meet Shelly

Photo of owner of Shelly by Design

Shelly by Design strives to  make staging accessible to everyone,  by working with what the homeowner has and offering expertise for furniture placement, color analysis, and  accessories to enhance the space. Selling a house can be a stressful process and hard for a homeowner to objectively see what needs to be done to neutralize a space. We will do that for you. We understand that a home is full of memories and cherished items. We recognize and celebrate those memories while helping our clients see the potential in their space.

As a seasoned hospitality professional, my career has been extremely rewarding. I found myself contributing my success to my love of design by creating a visual picture for clients and creating beautiful events. I am so excited to be pivoting my career into something I have loved and dreamed of my entire life!  My passion for design began as a young girl rearranging my room meticulously and then photographing it to refer back to for later transformations.  Beautiful things bring a sense of peace and joy to my life and I am thrilled to share this with you.  

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